American Red Cross faces historically low blood flow amid holiday donation slump

2 years ago

The American Red Cross says the country is facing a huge blood shortage.

\”We're at a historically low blood flow level across the nation at this time, therefore we are very concerned about that,\” Remy Kennedy, account manager in the Red Cross, said.

In to address the shortage, the Red Cross hosted a vacation Hero Donorama on Monday and Tuesday where people could come and donate blood.

Kennedy said during the holiday season, the blood donations usually drop.

\”It's not a priority. There's lots of travel, there might be severe weather, therefore it is this is not on people's minds just as much,\” Kennedy said. \”So case a time to come out, give the gift of life.\”

The shortage was further exacerbated through the quad-state tornado that affected areas of western Kentucky in early December, where hundreds were injured, and 77 people died. The Red Cross has tried to help the affected areas.

\”The tornado disasters across multiple states, that only put into the necessity too,\” Kennedy said. \”So the Red Cross actually donated an additional 200 blood products to hospitals in need of assistance after the tornadoes.\”

She also asserted the Red Cross has a lot more than 100 volunteers on the floor in affected areas, by having an additional 100 volunteering virtually.

Others thinking about helping can donate blood or money to the Red Cross.

Kennedy said that red blood cells would be the most requested from hospitals.

Phillip Mattingly was giving a so-called \”power red\” donation where technicians return plasma and platelets to the donor to be able to obtain more red blood cells.

\”It's my knowning that it gets two for just one,\” Mattingly said. \”You can give more blood, it'll go further.\”

Mattingly is scared of needles but says he gives anyway since it is worthwhile to help people, especially during a duration of critical need.

\”I hate needles, I just don't watch,\” Mattingly said. \”As long while you don't look, it just seems like a pinch.\”

Kennedy asserted the turnout for that blood drive was strong.


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