Wyeth Defends Milk Products In Latest Contamination Scare

5 years ago

In a Monday press statement, US drug company Wyeth defended its baby milk powder and formula after being implicated in reports that linked the company’s products to kidney stones in infants.

Wyeth posted the statement on its China Web site in response to new reports in the China Daily newspaper of a link between baby formula, milk power and kidney stones.

“We’re conscious of these reports,” Wyeth spokeswoman Natalie deVane said, adding that the company’s raw milk originates from Australia, Nz, Europe and Latin America “” not from China.

“Not a single positive result for melamine has been discovered,” she said, and Chinese health authorities haven’t filed any complaints with Wyeth. “The safety in our products is among our top priorities.”

According towards the AP, the reports originated with blogs from the concerned parent whose child had become sick.

Earlier this month, Danone Dumex, of French food giant Danone fielded accusations that it is milk powder was tainted. The organization was later cleared from the accusations by China’s product-quality regulator, however the health ministry said last week it had been investigating why children may be suffering kidney problems.

“At this point, there is no clear evidence showing these ailments have any connect to Wyeth products,” the company said in a statement.

The new reports come just one year after a scandal struck the nation when a minimum of six infants died and 300,000 were sickened by milk that was tainted through the industrial chemical melamine. Caffeine was utilized to create milk products seem to have higher levels of protein.

Three individuals have been sentenced to death in China within the contamination, while the head of a major milk firm was jailed for a lifetime, according to AFP.


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