Weight loss Success Story – Deloris Piper Entered a Contest at 40

2 years ago

Deloris Piper is now competing in figure contests at the age of 40! She's transformed her body and is a true weight loss success story! She's among the people in “Fitness Team BC” who joined in in the pre-contest phase to compete as a tribute to her 40th birthday and she or he was amazing!

Deloris had already worked out and had among the firmest butts I had seen! What she needed most was a little bit more lean muscle but at 2-3 months out from the contest it's very hard to establish great gains in that area, so leaning out and working on her posing routine were the primary areas to focus on. The figure class she entered had a 90 second routine which does not allow for inverted moves which makes it different from the regular fitness category.

Because of the almost no time provided to prepare, Deloris needed to cram everything in quickly. She'd to purchase her posing suit, train, diet and shock her system to get into contest ready shape. She is proof that anyone can do it even in a brief period of time although Personally, i do not suggest this process! I usually recommend preparing a year in advance which means you are fully prepared for each small detail providing you with time for you to research and continue a strong strategy with your diet, training and every other aspect that goes into getting ready for an exercise competition!

With the classic rock-band ACDC as her music of choice along with a motorcycle for any prop, she was ready to rock out and set her best foot forward to strive within her limited schedule. Below is Deloris’ story in her own words and that i really hope this helps out every other ladies who are over the age of 40 and really want to get into the best form of their life!

Deloris’ Personal Weight loss Success Story
I only had 3 months prior to the next competition within my area, and so I required to get on an intense program immediately. I had been referred to Linda Cusmano by a friend. After talking to Linda, I decided to make use of her online training course since it was the very best route I possibly could take. Linda's training program is incredibly comprehensive and includes training, diet and choreography guidance. The affordability the online program offered was also an enormous plus!

The training course was intense but it was clearly laid out making it super easy to follow along with. This helped me stay focused and disciplined with what I needed to do. There have been times which i would be training in the club at nighttime because that was the only real time I possibly could create for exercise within my busy day.

My body responded quickly and I was really pleased with the muscular development that resulted in the short period of time I had allowed. Not just was Linda's program very exact in each and every detail and able to produce incredible results, however i had also signed up for neurotherapy treatments toward the end of my training and believe that the treatments definitely had an effect on my performance and my sustained levels of energy.

The best change I learned from the diet program was the significance of fueling my body system and metabolism. Just before training, I'd sometimes eat just one or two meals per day, so eating 5-6 small daily meals would be a necessary and welcomed change.

During the training, I felt better about my body than I ever had within my life. I am thankful for that training program and tools that Linda provides in my experience which I uses throughout my life.

Linda’s Final Thoughts
Deloris looked fabulous on stage and although she didn't place in the very best 3, she sure appeared as if she should have ranked higher. To be the professional she is, Deloris was not fazed by this and arrived on the scene a winner in her accomplished objective of competing in a figure competition in the age of 40!


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