Truth on Low Carb Diets – Myths and Facts of Lo-Carb Dieting

2 years ago

Low carb foods are everywhere! Are you currently wondering if a low-carb weight loss program is best for you? Take this quiz to discover the way you score on carb smarts!

True or False?

  1. Carbs use sugar thus making you fat.
  2. If I consume a Low-Carb diet I will not put on weight.
  3. Carbs are bad for you and slow your metabolism.
  4. Carbs foods include fruits, vegetables and milk.
  5. When reading a food label, I ought to only look at the net carbs as a way of knowing if the food is great for me.
  6. Foods I can eat on a low-carb diet include sugar-free candy, hamburgers, peanut butter, bacon and eggs.
  7. I wish to lose Ten pounds so a low-carb diet can give me the best results.
  8. Once I go off the low-carb diet I'll gain back weight quickly.
  9. Carbohydrate foods improve your appetite.
  10. I should take a vitamin basically follow a low-carb diet.


1 – False. What will make you fat are too many calories. All foods (proteins, fats, and carbs) need to be converted to sugar (glucose is our gasoline) therefore we can have energy. Low carb diets improve your metabolism which means you operate on a byproduct called ketones. Carbs don’t cause you to fat; in fact the leanest people (athletes) have a diet full of carbs.

2 – False. You can continue to put on weight on a reduced carb diet because you may be still eating more calories and fat than you need. Unlimited portions aren't the answer. Also, if you don’t stick to the diet the chemistry doesn’t work and you won’t lose weight.

3 – False. Carbs won’t slow your metabolism but give it the energy it needs so that your body can run right. Too many carbs especially previously will make you sleepy and put you inside a carb coma. Carbs should be disseminate over the day and among all recommended food groups to provide you with a stable way to obtain energy.

4 – True. These are the food groups which contain carbs. Other carb foods are beans and starches. Just about everything has carbs in it. The only real exceptions are meat, fish, poultry and oils and fats.

5 – False. Net carbs are only a small part of the umbrella term called Total Carbohydrate. If a food has 5 or more grams of fiber in it, you can subtract it from the total carb number because that amount won’t likely raise blood sugar levels. Do not make the mistake that low net carb foods have the freedom foods and eat double what you need.

6 – True. Yes in theory, but be careful here. These food types are lower in carbs but they are also high in fat. If you are on the low carb diet since it means to nibble on these foods around you want, think again. Even though many individuals have followed low carb diets within the short-term not many remain on it. If you never lose your taste for fatty foods, when you are from the plan you end of reaching for French fries, donuts and pizza.

7 – False. Low carb diets can function well for those who have a lot weight to lose. Because body fat may be the focus, if you are only slightly overweight you might risk burning body protein instead of fat. The perfect reduced carb diets are coupled with low calories and are supervised by trained nutrition professionals so that you can be guided into a plan that is good for you.

8 – False. If you've followed the diet plan correctly and have dropped a few pounds you know how motivated you are feeling. This enables you to to make other lifestyle changes so that you can enjoy a healthy body weight forever!

9 – True. Yes, carbohydrate foods can increase appetite especially ones that are refined and absorbed quickly. This gives you an immediate improvement in hormones (insulin is one) which in turn causes you to definitely process these foods quickly only to leave you feeling hungry again.

10 – True. Absolutely. Whenever you try eating less or limit foods you'll increase your chances of not implementing in all of the nutrients you need. Low-carb diets are usually lower in Vitamin b and Vitamin C so going for a balanced multivitamin can be a good idea.


8-10 correct: Great job, you’re a carb-smart guru! You have a great sense of the nutrition basics that may help you make wise choices and how your body will react.

6-8 correct: Not bad, but carb-compromised. Decelerate and take a moment to know what’s behind the hype and focus how you will be affected by a change in your eating habits.

3-5 correct: Watch out, you are carb-fickle. You may be persuaded into following dietary fads and get only quick fix solutions.

0-2 correct: Uh oh! Your totally carbo-phobic and you don’t need to be. Remember there isn’t any one food that is perfect or any one food that's bad. Your food intake and do affects your body. Rethink where you’ve gotten diet information in the past and start over.


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