NaMo’s yoga pose of the day: Setubandhasana or bridge pose

5 years ago

Unless you might be staying under a stone, you happen to be acknowledging that much of our PM has sworn to coach the?significance of Yoga?to the entire nation. While in the wake of the, they’re sharing one asana every single day. Today’s asana is?Setubandhasana?as well as bridge pose. Regarded as excellent yoga pose for trimming stomach fat and strengthening core muscles.

Narendra Modi tweeted:?Find the salient parts of Setubandhasana and the features about this Asana. #YogaDay

  • Lie lying on your back with bent knees and feet flat in the grass. Make your arms through your sides with palms facing the ground.
  • Now utilizing your arms’ strength, push your pelvis started, to your ceiling. Exhale whilst you do that.
  • Keep one’s body lifted in ways that your neck and head are nevertheless flat on the surface and also the all your system influences air, such as a bridge.
  • Hold this pose for five steady, consistent breaths.

Tip: Avoid doing this?asana for people with a?knee or back injury.


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