3 Methods to Dance Yourself Healthy

5 years ago

Whether it’s at a party Saturday night or at the gym Monday morning, shaking your booty brings larger benefits than you may think. One Scottish study discovered that people who dance recreationally are 62% more likely to report being in good overall health than those that do not. No surprise, then, that fitness trends from Jazzercise to Zumba have harnessed the strength of busting moving. Bust out your dancing shoes for just one of those cool new classes.

Simulate a night out at the club with your girls (think awesome hip-hop, pop, and rock tunes and lots of hip shaking) with this particular high-intensity dance-cardio sweatfest. Use the class locator at werqfitness.com to pinpoint one near you.

Each fist-pumping, fast-paced 55-minute routine involves dancing the same shape as letters and numbers to the latest hit music. Find classes at Sports Clubs within the northeast (mysportsclubs.com) or via bokwafitness.com.

This 45-minute strength and endurance class has you performing kickboxing combinations and West African dance moves. Get busy at Miami and Nyc Crunch locations (crunch.com) or with streaming video at crunchlive.com.


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